All She Wants For Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again…

The time for chocolate covered hearts and giant teddy bears…red roses, heart shaped balloons, and couples from all over the world coming together to celebrate, LOVE.

VALENTINE’S DAY is vastly approaching folks. Next Tuesday, to be exact, and it is time once again to shower each other with gifts . I recently peeped a post detailing what women really want for their V-day surprises. Y’all when I say it was SO. ON. POINT…

So, I have graciously decided to put y’all up on game. Your girlfriend/wife will thank me and in the end you will too.


So here you go…



1.) REST

It’s no big secret that we like to sleep. It’s no big secret that we as women LOVE to sleep…especially mommies. Considering hard core drool and dream sessions are normally few and far in between…SLEEP is an excellent addition to whatever V-Day plans you have lined up. A woman’s work is never done…from cleaning, cooking, to working full time jobs, and being the primary care giver/nose cleaner/butt wipers, we have a lot on our plates… ALL YEAR LONG. Start off the morning by telling her to go…dare I say it…BACK TO SLEEP!!



Let her know you have everything under control…from the kids to breakfast…do something sweet like bring her pancakes and mimosas in bed! Also, cleaning is truly the way to a woman’s heart! I used to think it was just something moms enjoyed because as kids we didn’t have the money to buy actual gifts…so they settled for a clean house. OH…Honey! There is no such thing as settling, when it comes to an immaculate house! && there is nothing sexier, than seeing clean dishes I didn’t wash, and a spotless floor that I didn’t mop!


giphy (1).gif

Wheew! **fans self**

But REALLY…It’s that serious. Give her a day off from the norm…take care of the kids/dogs and give her time to get flawless for the night.

2.) To Not Plan A Daggone Thing

There is some unspoken rule that (most of the time) puts the woman in charge of  the planning…planning the date, finding the baby sitter, making the reservation. NOT TODAY!! Nope…nah…noooooooo!


How about this time YOU DO IT?! Most (not all) women like surprises. We LOVE having an entire night planned for us …the chocolate covered strawberries delivered to our job…the dinner…the carriage ride…the wine tasting. WE LOVE IT! It’s exciting and it makes us feel good to know that you took the time and meticulous care to plan an entire night of us-ness! When we do the planning it’s mostly because we’re afraid that if we don’t, it won’t get done. Plan ahead and allow her to do nothing more than show up well rested and finer than wine.

3.) Romance & Intimacy


So I have a question…who actually has a man that is a true romantic at heart? I love my man…he is loyal, considerate, funny, FINE, and all around my best friend…but I just don’t feel like “head over heels romantic” is a way I can describe any of the men (in long term relationships) I know. && the annoying part is women crave that!


I blame Hollywood…I have never had a kiss in the rain, been sent on a romantic scavenger hunt, or gone on a surprise date on a yacht…but you know what? I am okay with that…don’t get me wrong…I’d probably cry if it happened but romance and intimacy has nothing to do with the money you spend. It has every thing to do with the effort you put in. Don’t go out, buy two McDoubles, a scented candle and spend the evening swiping through your FB timeline…AND expect her to feel like you really did something…if your funds are low be creative. Pamper her at the house, recreate your first date, or do one of her favorite things (that on most days you would hate doing). Think OUTSIDE of the box…and make nothing priority but the two of you.

4.) P.D.A. (Public Displays of Affection)

Okay…so let me clarify what I mean by P.D.A. because this…



Send edible arrangements, flowers, or chocolates to her job. As women we love when men make it known, TO THE ENTIRE WORLD, just how special we are. We also enjoy the jealous looks on the faces of all the cynical  “Valentine’s day should be every day…not just February 14TH” women…Yeah, they may have a point but no woman wants to hear that, while she is swooning over her beautiful flowers…let us have our moment!


Do something that makes her friends say “Aweeeee!”…if you can do that then you  are in there! 

5.) We Want It To Be Memorable

Women are emotional…we like the sweet & sappy things that men normally run away from. We definitely like nice things but let me tell y’all something:


We may not remember all the gifts you bought or the dates you took us on…BUT we will always remember how you made us feel. 

Men may not generally be hopeless romantics but they each have a quality that sets them apart, from the rest. There is a reason she chose you. Whether that be the fact that you make her feel safe or the way you can always make her laugh, no matter the circumstance. USE IT! If you sing…write her a little song…if you don’t sing…write her a song anyway…it will more than likely make her laugh and she will always remember that moment because you weren’t afraid to look like a fool…just to see her smile. 

Use what she loves about you to make this Valentine’s day special for her. 


Now, ladies!! I didn’t say all this to have you out here being boujee and ungrateful. Valentine’s day isn’t just for us. Make it special for him too. I just wrote this to our men to say:


Happy national love day y’all!

Oh!…and just like Michael Jordan & Tom Brady…WE LIKE RINGS!


Stay Golden!