4 Things That Bother Men About Women

The phrase “Can’t live with them, can’t live without them” rings true to a lot of things…but is without a doubt the perfect way to describe the dysfunctional function between men and women. In this two part blog we will explore and discuss the things that men dislike about women and next week what women dislike about men. If you are a sensitive woman who takes offense to things easily I am giving you an out right now…stop reading and go on about your day! Because you may not love everything that they had to say…that was your warning…So if you’re a female a && still reading I am going to assume that you’re about THAT life and you’ve mentally prepared yourself for the REALNESS to come.

4 Things That Bother Men About Women


So yesterday I posted a status on Facebook asking some men the question above. It was not long before hilarity ensued. “The crust on the back of your heel. Can you guys please start sanding that off?!” was my cousin, Jayarr Steiner’s initial response…and I chuckled fervently from a deep place in my stomach. But I was looking for serious answers and boy did I get them…so let’s start with…

It takes y’all too long to get ready/Females who wear too much make-up

I wasn’t surprised in the least to hear this one…mainly because I am the main one to set aside 3 hours to get ready for the nights festivities. In our defense I don’t think it HAS to take this long but when a real ninja is trying to look her best WE TAKE OUR TIME. You can’t just Usain Bolt your way through winged eyeliner…these things require focus and concentration OR you end up looking like Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker. “I woke up like this” is a partial lie…Beyoncé might be beautiful but she did not wake up to a full sew in and a beat face…UNLESS she took a nap after she got it all done.


So, gentlemen…we hear you and we may try to finish up 10 minutes earlier than normal, just cause it bothers y’all so much…probably not…but we gon’ let y’all have some hope!

Now, TOO much make-up is a different problem all together. This simply means baby girl has either not perfected her craft or that her friends aren’t real enough to tell her she looks more like Homie the Clown than Kim K. LADIES, take notes because according to our men they DO NOT want us out here looking like “A walking cake” or  “A frosted moon pie” (analogies courtesy of @veeverse & @jayarrsteiner)…It should never APPEAR that you are wearing a lot of make-up. Even if you are. The point of makeup is to enhance, not to deceive, or illustrate a completely new face. That’s false advertising and should be grounds for a lawsuit. Plus, your goal for make up should be quality over quantity.

Whatever…I look good…


Social Media Models/Diva Attitude’s

So here’s what gets me…men get agitated by attention seeking females aka “Social Media Models” I get it…but aren’t y’all slick the ones giving them their platform?! Seriously, if y’all weren’t commenting and liking the pictures there would be no reason for them to take 5 in a row and post them all (because we all know if a certain number of likes aren’t reached we deleting it, whether the pic was fire or nah!). Is it possible that y’all can reprimand the parched males on your team before you come for the TALL.GLASSES.OF.WATER on ours? Just a thought…thanks in advance…

Who got the juice? I got the juice!

Anyways, I am playing devil’s advocate because I can completely see why it bothers a lot of men. Like I said in a previous post…who wants to be with someone who is constantly begging for validation…and allow me to elaborate, so my words aren’t twisted…We all post selfie’s, we all upload lil videos, and pics of ourselves…if you don’t like it unfollow. HOWEVER, it is NOT necessary to post 4 videos of you back to back rubbing your hair and puckering your lips into the camera to the sultry sounds of Hotline Bling…that’s a little too much self love and I think you may have the functions of a camera confused with the mirror. Moral of the story: Men don’t like women who do the most for attention.

Now onto the Diva Attitude’sI have never been the type of girl who has the permanent attitude…and I am not referring to the swag/runway model type of attitude either. I am talking about that stuck up…I know I’m fine…You know I’m fine…Yes, this is  a designer bag…No, I don’t use public restrooms…Yes, I have 8,000 followers on IG…But I only follow 20 people type attitude. && if  you’re that girl please do not take offense…I am merely relaying the data that was collected from our generation of men.


I think straight out of high school this type of attitude was cute…well, we thought it was cute. A mature man, who knows what he wants, is no longer looking for that cute girl with all that sexy attitude…he is looking for a woman with class && elegance. Someone who carries herself like a queen and can take care of her business…not a socialite with too much time on her hands. As women, in this confused generation of social media we focus too much on outer beauty…which is important, don’t get me wrong…who doesn’t want to look good for her man…but if your attraction stops at your face than baby your shelf life isn’t going to be very extensive.


So you’re going to shut up for the rest of the game, right?  High five to that!

I don’t even know where to start with this one lol…because I know I am a repeat offender. Look can we define talking too much? Because idk how to justify our actions here.

This is what I don’t get…God is obviously the G.O.A.T. ( “Greatest Of All Time” for my 40 and up club reading this) and He made us perfectly in his image…but why would He give women the “love of talking” gene…but not feel the need to give men a “love to listen” gene? How did he expect us to live together in harmony?…WHATEVER…he’s got a plan and we have to trust it. Check this out though…we have to put up with y’all’s terrible toilet etiquette (aka peeing on/around it and leaving the seat up) so y’all can put up with a little chat time during HALF TIME!


Now on the flip side I do understand the complaining thing…Because we can come way left field on this one. We come home from work and you immediately greet us and ask the “How was your day?” question and without notice, warning, or time to prepare yourself…WE GO IN ! “Ughh, awful! Andrea the SCALLYWAG thought she was gonna get smart with me today and pissed me all the way off! Idk why she out here acting foolish like she run meYOU *clap* AIN’T *clap* MY *clap* BOSS *clap* BOO BOO !!!”…and you poor things are sitting there panic stricken with confusion like “Wait…what just happened?!”…and then we proceed to give you a play by play of everything that pissed us off in the 9 hours we were at work that day…


And on behalf of the female community I take full responsibility for this because at some point we all do it and y’all are the ones who have to put up with it. But the reason is this…our men are our safe place. So when we have a bad day at work we know we can come home, pour a glass of wine, and unload all the frustration, until we feel better. It’s slick unfair, so maybe I can talk to my cyber home girls and see if we can come to an agreement on trying to do better, in this area…don’t hold your breath though. 

She Wants To Act Like A Man But BE Treated Like A LADY

So apparently men don’t like women who act like men. Who-da-thunk? (that was sarcasm btw). This makes perfect sense to me. It’s not the 50’s and I don’t think this statement means women need to be in a little apron, cooking, cleaning, and ironing the day away…I think it means exactly what it says…if you want to be treated like a lady than act like one. Don’t get mad at your man, square up, starting beating on him like you’re a big burly dude, get knocked out, and become hysterical like…


In order to be treated with respect you need to have respect for others…in order to be treated like a lady you need to act as such. It’s fine to be independent and be proud of the fact that you can do for yourself…but honestly if I was a man out on a date with a woman who is forever letting the world know that men are worthless, she don’t need nobody, and bragging about the amount of coinage in her account…when the check comes and she looking up at me like…


  • I’m gon’ look right back like…

Nah, You got it remember?

Seriously…it doesn’t make sense. Then, you have other woman who pride themselves on using men, cheating on men, having a guy catch feelings over them, and then dogging him…and you expect a grown man who has it together to want you? Nope, I’m with the fellas on this one. You reap what you sew…and I suggest that if this id your mindset go get the book “Act Like A Lady. Think Like A Man” by Steve Harvey…because you have the game ALL twisted up.

But there you have it. Some of the top things that men dislike about women…If you are a man comment below and tell me if you agree with this list. If you’re a female comment and let me know how you feel about the opinions listed above…

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