You Know That’s Your Bestfriend When…

Throughout my life I have had SEVERAL best friends. Kids from the play ground, classmates, and amazing women I grew up with at my church home. Eventually, after new schools, moves, and graduation I drifted apart from most of them…My mother always told me that you will only have one REAL best friend in your life…two if you’re lucky…and I must say she was right! This post is dedicated to our besties. Our female soulmates, ride or die’s, partners in crime, and ace boon coon’s!

We love y’all…so without further ado…

You Know She’s Your Best Friend When…”


She Knows What You’re Thinking Before You Even Speak

When you spend a lot of time with someone you naturally begin to sync up. Your thoughts, interests, agitations, (among other things) start to become the same, and you can literally read that person like the back of your hand. Like out here reading each others mind so hard you can’t even play spades on opposite teams. Bruh, that’s when you know she’s the homie. I swear me and my besties have literally had full conversations by merely exchanging looks…let that female neither one of us fool with walk in and we will be like…

Her: Girl, you see who just walked in?


You: Yeah, I seen her…


Her: Did you see those shoes though?!
You: Yeah, I seen them…

Y’all think I’m playing? If you have a bestie than you already know the deal…the entire convo will be made up of side-eyes and slick glances. Followed by IMMEDIATE screams of laughter. People be looking at us like “What is wrong them?!” && I don’t even blame ’em…The foolery is abundant and the chill is non existent. But there is nothing like facial sign language…believe me.

She is Ready To Go Off On Any and Every One Who Hurts You


I. AM. SO. GUILTY! I have always been the friend with the mouth and will use it quick, fast, and in a hurry if you EVER think you gon’ come for me and mines. My friends will tell you…I have gotten into Twitter wars, Facebook battles, and Phone call show downs with people who THOUGHT they were going to come at bae and carry on with their day. We’ve all done it. The “Don’t come for my best friend” starter pack is as follows:

  • What you NOT gon’ do is…
  • But who she/he talkin’ to though?
  • Is you mad? Haha..yeah, you mad!

Hmm…they gon’ learn today. I don’t care who it is or what happened…if you make my best friend cry…YOU CAN GET IT…if you hurt my best friends feelings…YOU CAN GET IT…if you out here trying to steal my best friend man…YOU CAN GET IT! Especially, when it comes to that weak ash dude they refuse to give up…y’all know the one! There is nothing that irks me more, than seeing a man continuously screw over my best friend. Every time he would walk in the door my mood would change, instantly! Go From…




Real quick. But it is what is…when you down for someone you’re automatically going to have friction with people who don’t have their best interest at heart. Bottom line though…if your bestie don’t have your back like this, you might want to check your receipts…because shawty obviously ain’t for you.

She’s Honest With You Even When You Don’t Want To Hear It

Here’s the thing about REAL friends. We understand that there is a time and place for everything. The time for standing by while your bestie makes a decision, she will surely regret, was when we were teens…and even then if YOU knew better it was your responsibility to enlighten your friends who didn’t. A real friend is going to be honest with you and won’t have you out in the streets looking like boo boo the fool…all because she was too afraid to hurt your feelings. BF’s say things like

  • Boo, them shoes do NOT go with that dress. I am not about to let you step out like that.
  • Blend your eyebrows and contour, please.
  • Aye, bruh…it’s a booger in your nose.
  • You got something in your teeth.
  • He is not going to change and you deserve better.

Some of them sound funny but I swear it’s the truth. If she down for you than she is down through good and bad, fat or skinny, right or wrong…but regardless of the situation she’s not going to let you be outchea embarrassing yourself. That’s a no! no! If you in the clique you represent me and I, you! So we all have to be tip top. If that means me telling you something that you don’t particularly want to hear…Then WELP!


You Can Have Fun Together Doing Absolutely Nothing


There is nothing worse than spending Saturday after Saturday alone, single, and bored. But you can literally sit around and do nothing with your BF and still shake life…In your PJ’s, on the couch, air twerking in the living room (please don’t try to play me like you and your friends have never air twerked…we all have).


Making memories and creating inside jokes that you will laugh about for years, because THAT moment was special for the two of you. Being annoying to “Outsiders” (aka people who aren’t your BF) because you won’t shut up about that one time she fell down the stairs or how she always embarrasses you when your crush walks in the room. Ugh, that is the woorrrsttttt! You’re at the club, he walks in, y’all make eye contact, and you’re trying to play it all cool like…


And she’s next to you smiling from ear to freakin’ ear…making it ridiculously obvious that she is with you when you routinely stalk ALL of his social media pages, fantasize about your future together, and have named all 3 of your future kids/dog like…

“There go your boo…”

Ugh…but that’s why we love them! Together we are funny, weird, goofy, lame, annoying, spoiled, ridiculous, and inseparable. Years will pass…times will change and we still be the same wine guzzling, hysterically laughing, chick flick crying, old biddies we’ve always been.

So if your friendship is like wine and it just gets better with time…hold on to it!

We all need someone to conquer the world with and men suck most days (Just kidding babe lol)…sooooo…hold onto your female soul mates and…


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