The Evolution Of Dance…

Dance has an impeccable way of bringing us all together. Whether it’s for a little Electric Slide at your cousins wedding or the Cha Cha slide at the family reunion…it doesn’t matter where you are or who your with…soon as that beat drop you already know you about to glide to the dance floor and get you a piece! Unfortunately, I was born into the generation that would rather fight over a scuff mark on an Air Force 1, than to actually get out on the floor and drop that thun thun dun. Smh…but anyway I thought we would take a look back at the evolution of dance and what it has become today. Join me as we go back…way back…back into time….

The Year is 1983

The Motown 25th Anniversary is in full effect and the Jacksons have just left the stage to let Mike do his solo dolo, cause he was the only reason people still cared about the Jackson 5 and everybody knew it…he takes the stage and musically informs the crowd that Billie Jean is not bae and that Maury assured him he is NOT the father …when suddenly this historical gem was born…

mj moonwalk

Lawd! CLAPS**SCREAMS**CRIES**FAINTS!  Mike hath never failed us with the greatness and it all started here…next thing you know it is a world famous dance craze…everybody was moonwalking, everyone had a sparkly glove, and they were all sliding around on the kitchen floor, slipping on soul glo from their curls! Yas! Get you some….The moonwalk is so popping that we still do it today…Well… some of us are still trying I should say.

bad moonwalk

Fast Forward to 1990

Now being that I was barely one I have no recollection of this time…but anything that involves parachute pants, high top faces, and 90’s hip hop HAS to be a good time. Right? Which brings us to…


mc hammer


This is one of those songs you bump during a Saturday morning cleaning session. Don’t let me tie some wet rags to my shoes and get it popping across the floor! It’s a wrap for dirt every where! && they def don’t want these problems ’cause You Can’t Touch This!

1990 also gave birth to another African American Dance tradition…back in the days before light skinned vs. dark skinned conflicts split our generation in two, we were all one. United by Hip-hop, house parties, & KID ‘N PLAY!

kid n play

If you are over the age of 18 and have never done the Kid ‘n Play I can honestly say you AIN’T LIVING…first of all I loathe the fact that I will never get to walk into a club and see two dudes battling and then come together and kill this dance in the middle of the floor, like it’s nothing. It’s not fair and I plan on writing an official letter to the Generation X committee to bring this back…can’t we all just get along?  Dang…

Skip to 1994

When you hear the words Cotton Candy & Sweet ‘N LowWhat words automatically come to your mind next?! That’s right… LET ME SEE THAT TOOTSIE ROLL!



tootsie roll

I’m old enough to remember this one and boy does it bring back memories. I remember when my sisters taught me how to Tootsie Roll…couldn’t tell a real ninja NOTHING, especially when I started hittin’ it one leg at a time! It was basically the elder sibling to the Cha Cha slide and every time it comes on (even til this day) I have to obey its every command!

“To the left. To the left!”

to the left

“To the right! To the right!”

to the right

“To the front! To the front!”

to the front

To the back! To the back!”

to the back

Now slidddeeeee…with me to the 21st Century

We skipped a few crazes but that’s okay…anybody remember Chingy?! Nah? Me either ( ._.)…lol no for real. Where did this man go?… Anyway, in middle school he had a song called ” Right thurr” and gave life to the Chicken head.

chicken head

The chicken head was one of those dances that everyone looked good doing…except me -_-! Ugh. It wasn’t until I got older (and actually became somewhat of a good dancer) that I realized something went terribly awry with my chicken head. For some reason my arms weren’t doing the same thing every one else’s were doing…therefore I looked more like I was doing the funky chicken rather than the chicken head.

Moving right along to the infamous dougie!!! Ayee!


Yeap! This was a good one too…but these ninjas out here started getting carried away *cough cough** JOHN WALL! The first time I seen this I was tickled to death. Not only is he dougie’n his yansh off but he is low key sending out a message to every dougie that ever dougie’d and promising that you ain’t seeing his!

Few years later we did the Stanky leg

stanky leg

And in 2015 we are currently in the year of the Nae Nae.  Which people are currently doing worldwide. Cool. —____—

nae nae

Notice my descriptions get shorter and shorter…well that, my friends, is because our dances have gotten lazier and lazier over time. Started with the moon walk and now we here?? Yeap…I was supposed to be born in 1980. I missed all the fun. Any who…hope you enjoyed this brief trip down memory lane.

See y’all soon! STAY GOLDEN LOVES!!

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