The lies we tell…Pt 1

So I was chatting with a few of my co-workers about the lies, we as women tell ourselves. The list is honestly longer than I24 and could go on for days. But there were a few topics that came up more than once…so I thought why not discuss and shed some truth on the Lies we tell

 Lie #1: “I have no regrets.”

lies 1

First of all…there is no way I could have made it through 25 years of life without a single regret. I regret not getting better grades in high school, I regret giving certain clowns from my past the time of day, shoot I regret my eyebrow shape from 2010-2012! Idk what I was thinking or why people were giving me compliments on them but they were on everything but FLEEK. Anyways, I constantly see women posting about having no regrets…wait a minute…you have three different baby daddy’s, no proposals, and you’re on welfare…n you mean to tell me you regret nothing? Uh-huh you may not have any regrets but bet if we three way call your uterus, it might have a few! But at the end of the day there are always things we wish we could have done differently…respecting your past and the trials you’ve overcome does NOT mean that you have no regrets. It simply means you stood in the face of adversity and came out on the winning side…aka fix what needs fixing and change what needs changing. So to all my ladies who looked at their past and decided not to let it determine your future…all I have to say is…Yasss!! You go girl!!!

lies 2

Lie #2: “All Men Cheat”

Man, I have such a problem with this statement…not only are you stereotyping every man that walks this planet but you are also undermining the integrity of the men who are actually faithful. If you are a woman who believes this you are more than likely either: In a “situationship” with a poor excuse for a man or have been in a series of unhealthy situationships that have left you bitter and angry at ALL men. Either way you slice it, that statement is false and is just an excuse to stay in your raggedy relationship or to continue dating “boys” who couldn’t define CHIVALRY if someone placed Webster in their hand. As woman we need to empower each other to a certain standard and stop giving these BOYS an excuse or a “pass” to mess up…because “All Men Do It”. Nope! Nope! and Nah! There is a big difference between a MAN and a male who cheats. And one of the key factors is understanding that most men will only do what you allow them to. If he knows he can cheat and get away with it, guess what? He will! If he knows he can talk to other females via social media, guess what else? He will be snap chatting, direct messaging, and kik’n as many “low self-esteemed” chicks as his little Johnson can find. But for woman who hold their man to a certain standard this  scenario is very far and few between. Because she knows what she deserves and won’t hesitate to show him the DOE “aka door” if he can’t get some act right in his system. So if you are dating an unfaithful man kindly pack his bags and say “I can do bad by MYSELF and being single never bothered me anyway!”
lies 4

Lie #3 – “I’m going to start that diet on Monday”

I can’t even front like this does not pertain COMPLETELY to my life. There have been so many times that I have had LONG “come to Jesus” meetings about my eating habits and weight. Then, I decide I am going to change my life and do the right thing. I plan out meals, print out exercise plans, and get my Beyoncé play list ready so I can be in the gym like…

lies 5

Then comes Monday….I only start diets on Monday because it is completely absurd to try to start anything Tuesday-Sunday. The work week starts on Monday, so that is clearly the day to start things that you don’t want to do. So either Monday never comes or I was lying to myself the whole time knowing good and well I was going to end up on the couch like…

lies 3

Anyways, I figured I wasn’t the only one telling themselves lies about dieting, so I had to include it on the list of ways we deceive ourselves. Be on the look out for my future blog on dieting…I’ll probably start writing it on Monday. Lol

So there goes my first edition of “The lies we tell“. There are so many that I figured I better break this up into parts. Please feel free to comment some lies that you would like to see in future posts.

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12 thoughts on “The lies we tell…Pt 1

  1. Girls that are “so in love” with [let’s just call him Sam] after just a few weeks of dating….when just 2 months ago they were so in love with [Billy]. Lie: I just KNOW he’s the one! I’ve never felt this way about anyone before!”


  2. Lie: “I’m not jealous.”
    Lie: “I’m not hating. Her hair is not long, or beautiful, or silky. And she’s so ugly.”
    Lie: “Girl, he definitely should’ve stayed with you. You’re so much better than her.”
    Lie: “My kid is SOOOO cute.”
    Lie: “I’m not a bad mom.I’m totally responsible!”
    Lie: “I’m not allowing a bad relationship to continue. I’m his RIDE OR DIE!”
    Lie: “She’s just jealous. It’s not because I’m sleeping with her baby daddy. It’s because I’m so much prettier and more
    successful than she is! Hater!”
    Lie: “He loves me. He’s not going to hurt me again.” *sigh…smh*

    Just to name a few lol…Ok I’m done. maybe…

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  3. This was a great read and article, I have to say tho I can say now in my life I regret nothing….. the reason I can say this is because through each bad decision I made I asked and allowed god to work through me and on me, of course I regretted decisions at the time but I learned soooooooo much from them, im the woman and mother I am today because of them, I am able to minister and help so many people in my life because of my bad decisions, I would say that we should never regret our past decisions if you were able to put the necessary work in to become a better individual, if we didnt have those mistakes would we be in a better place today to help others?? I believe I went through everyrhing for a reason, and at the time it didnt make sense, sitting here today and knowing my ministry im grateful and dont regret a single thing or decision because im a better me.

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    1. Completely, understand your view on this! I feel like it is true that many pple make bad decisions and learn from them but I also feel that although I learned from certain mistakes my life may have been easier if had made better decisions. When I say regrets, I mean I regret the “choice not necessarily the outcome. I feel like there are always moments that we as humans wish we could change. But thank you for sharing and giving me your opinion! :))


  4. I regret ever meeting some of the guys in my life. Oh my gosh what was I thinking???? 😕 Don’t say nothing Ash, I know your itching too. Lol But if I didn’t go through all that I wouldn’t be with my amazing husband I have now. Just goes to show when you wait on God enthroned everything falls into place. I don’t know any guys that would have fast & prayed for a wife like my husband did. I’m just in awe of God how he keeps blessing our marriage.


    1. Lol yeah I wanted to say something but I will let it go this time. But I conquer! God has brought to you a wonderful man who is a blessing to the whole family. So happy for you sis!


  5. Lie: I’m not crazy, I just do and say crazy things at times.

    And she wonders why she can’t hold down a man.

    You should do a blog on the crazy things women do to hurt their relationshipsite and vice versa for men.


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